vizual is Dorado’s tool for creating visual resources for data capture, reduction, and analysis. vizual aims to create clean visually appealing graphics that are simple to implement, consistent in aesthetic, and viable for publication.


dorado.imreduc Package

This is the docstring for the examplesubpkg package. Normally you would have files in this directory implementing some modules, but this is just an example sub-package, so it doesn’t actually do anything.


mad_std(data[, axis, func, ignore_nan])

Calculate a robust standard deviation using the median absolute deviation (MAD).

mastBias(directory, bias[, caldir])

mastBias takes a datadirectory string, a list of bias images to construct a master bias image.

mastFlat(directory, flats, bias[, caldir])

mastFlat takes a datadirectory string, a list of flats and a master bias image to construct a master flatfield image.


norm_flat takes a flatfield image and normalizes it for use in reduction.

reduce_series(imdir, imlist, flat, bias, target)

plate_solve takes fits image file data and the corresponding file string to the data and calls to obtain and then integrate WCS into the HDU.

series_arith(series, operator, operand)

series_arith allows one to perform mathematical(algebraic) on a series of images.


sky_est makes a crude estimate of an images sky value based on a median method.


stack_im stacks a series of images into a single frame.

theMask(data, lx, hx, ly, hy)

theMask takes an image and bound parameters to mask the outter edges of the image in the case of imperfections.

zoom(input, zoom[, output, order, mode, …])

Zoom an array.